How are Diabetes and Low Testosterone Levels Related

Diabetes and Low Testosterone Levels

As a man, you need to be aware of health issues that can affect you as an adult. You already know that your hormones play a major role in your well-being, including your stamina, energy levels, strength, and sexual performance. Low testosterone is a major issue that affects many men as they approach the milestone of 50 and beyond. Issues with testosterone can actually be a male and female problem, but it is more pronounced in men. In addition to throwing you into a tailspin when your hormone levels drop, research has found that there is a connection between diabetes and low testosterone levels. Be informed so you can be proactive about your health.

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Testosterone Production

Where is Testosterone Produced?

Many adult men and women looking to lose weight are now considering the potential benefits of testosterone therapy. Studies performed on men have shown that testosterone replacement can result in weight loss without any additional lifestyle changes. However, anyone interested in such treatment should do their research and consult with a trustworthy doctor before making any serious decisions.

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